I have been taking photographs for the past 21 years.

My focus is on the emotional connection to the image. I believe that being a Reiki Master has expanded my ability to work this way.

Over the years my passion has led me to photographing family life, concentrating on both women during pregnancy, the magic of birth and the early days, and all babies and young children.

Often this is in partnership with doulas who are supporting women and families throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. I am particularly interested in childbirth without intervention and I have included one or two websites linking in with this.

Having two grown up children of my own I know only too well how precious it is to capture the magic of the moment. Each stage is unique but fleeting, and none more so than the the first few days as a new baby unfolds into its life.

The miracle of life touches my heart.
It is my intention to touch yours.

Laraine Krantz